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  • Hello all, I'm sorry I have no idea where I should of posted this particular thing... :( anyways,

    I am trying to make a simple tracking program and I am at a loss of where I should begin. I've used this before and it was mega helpful in a lot of ways.

    What I have so far is the form made but from that point I'm at a loss. Basically it is a program with N, S, E, and W button and a Coordinate label that displays the current coordinate it starts at {X=0, Y=0} then their is also a Go 1 button and a Go 10 button so how it functions is like first:

    I click the lets say the E (East) Button >

    Then I click the Go 10 button >

    The label will change to {X=10, Y=0}.

    A continuation of said example would be:

    I then click S (South) >

    Followed by Go 1 >

    The label would then be {X=10, Y=-1}...

    Hopefully that makes sense but that's what I am currently trying to achieve.

    Thursday, May 1, 2014 5:18 PM

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  • I'd store the direction of the robot internally.  You'll be best served to represent the direction as a pair of numbers that represent what a "Go 1" would do to your position if you started at 0,0. (This is called a "direction vector")

    For example, if you click 'W' to face west you might update your direction vector like this:

    directionX = -1;
    directionY = 0;

    Apply this technique appropriately for the other cardinal direction handlers.

    Go 1 would do:

    positionX += directionX;
    positionY += directionY;

    and Go 10 would do:

    positionX += directionX * 10;
    positionY += directionY * 10;

    You can decide whether North is +Y or -Y.

    If North is positive Y, then "face north" would do:

    directionX = 0;
    directionY = 1;

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    Thursday, May 1, 2014 7:28 PM
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