Gflags utility for Full page Heap result in inconsistence behaviour in 4 ( fully identical ) Windows 7 Nodes ( 32 Bit OS) RRS feed

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    I our 2008 Domain environment, there are  4 windows 7, 32 bit machine running completely identical application and have completely identical software package installation and formal security paches.
     Same number of Services, processes, Hardware resources etc and of course the same history of Installation.

    Core issue!

    I need to debug myApplication. So I am running the Gflags utilities, trying to see if I get Heap corruption because of any Access Violation.So I am using the corresponding Full page heap commands to run the application and then get a dump when it gets into trouble.

    With full paged heap enabled ( gflags /i myapplication.exe +hpa ) the application runs successfully only on two of the W7 nodes. In the other 2 W7 nodes, the application launches but after few minutes it terminates.
     , sometime I get a pop up notification that " Application stop working and after that a Mini Dump and a Meta data XML file. The XML data refers to OUT of Memory exception.

    Additional Info:

    The launcher is natuarrly member of  local admin in all 4 nodes.
     The nodes qualify themselves in all corresponding tests in the domain, security, dns and network environment- desktop heap settings etc.
     I have tried the Gflags for normal heap with the following command" Gflags /p /enable MyApplication.exe ........... and the application, in all 4 nodes launches and functions as expected.
     I have also verified the appropriate registery entries and confirmed that the  Key values are indeed correctly set, and are the same in all 4 nodes.
    My question is:
    what and were is the root cause for difference in the behaviour between these Nodes... what can be unique for the nodes which fails  to run the Full paged heap debugging for my application.
    If the reason is the out of memory issue then Why out of 4 fully identical nodes , 2 succeed and 2 others do not !...

    Appreciate very much any help.

    Thanks and regards


    Wednesday, February 4, 2015 2:48 PM