Could not resolve and ping peers between two machine however peer can be resolved on its local machine RRS feed

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  • I register 2 peer in 2 different machine with windows 7. I can resolve and ping peers which in their local machine but when i try to resolve or ping one peer from another machine,it can not be resolved or pinged. FIREWALLS are off. But when i use "Tracerout" command, i can trace the destination peer with 2500 latency same as below :

    netsh p2p pnrp peer>tracerout pooya654321.pnrp.net Global_


    [2001:0000:9d38:6ab8:3077:c825:4361:ef09]:3540, (130), (2500)
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    Why can't i Resolve peer? What should i do? What's wrong with it?.. It seems all things work good,peers are registered,local registered peer can ping and resolve on their local machines , i can trace other peers by "tracerout " command, but i can not Resolve other peers in another machines and it writes : not found !!!

    Wednesday, April 3, 2013 7:08 PM