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  • I am trying to pass data from a MainReport to a SubReport. These are all local reports. The requirement I have is that a report which is printed for each given property called service.

    In my MainReport I have setup a table which is grouped by service. The data is passed in as datasources consisting of a header table, detail table (which contains the service property) and a footer table.

    In my SubReport I have designed the report to show the header section, a table to show the details datatable and footer section. I am passing a parameter from the MainReport to the subreport which is the service and in the subreport I am filtering the details table to show only the service data.

    The problem I am having is for example if a details table consista of 3 rows of data where 2 rows are of service='A' and 1 row service='B', I get a 3 subreports consisting of 2 reports for service A showing 2 rows (service='A') and 1 for service B showing the 1 row (service='B').

    What I need is 2 subreports where the first subreport shows 2 rows of services='A' and another subreport showing 1 row of service='B'.

    Any help greatly appreciated!!


    After some investigation, I found that there is a property called Hide Duplicates but I can't seem to have this property when I click on the row. Maybe its to do with the SubReport being in the row?

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  • Resolved, 

    - Select Group Properties for Row
    - Add Group Expression Group on [Service]
    - Select Variables tab
    - Add Change group variables called Service value [Service]

    Seems to work a treat
    Wednesday, January 29, 2014 4:19 PM