failed when doing hwql test "WDF Fault Injection Logo Test " for android adb device with HCK RRS feed

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  • Hi,

       When I do WHQL test for android adb device on Windows 8 64bit system , I met "Wdf Fault Injection Logo Test"  failed.

    The reason is its child job"Execute Fault Injection" task was failed.

    The following  is error log in task log report. how do I fix this problem? please give a help. thanks very much.

    Runtime Index:   3985422792
    Machine:   M123
    Process Name:   C:\WLK\JobsWorkingDir\Tasks\WTTJobRun3C9D7706-D167-4977-A32A-B08D7FECBE96\Te.exe
    Process ID:   3988
    Thread ID:   4040
    Message 7-10-2013 10:31:15.418 上午 SUCCEEDED(RuntimeParameters::TryGetValue(L"DriverName", driverName)) WexContext Verify
    Message 7-10-2013 10:31:15.418 上午 SUCCEEDED(RuntimeParameters::TryGetValue(L"DeviceId", deviceId)) WexContext Verify
    Message 7-10-2013 10:31:15.418 上午 Test Case - 0 will be executed for driver androidusb and for the device USB\VID_28EE&PID_00A1&MI_01
    Message 7-10-2013 10:31:15.418 上午 Status invalid parameter have been received from UnregisterDriver
    Error 7-10-2013 10:31:15.418 上午 Driver androidusb can't be unregistered (0x80041008)
    File:    Line: -1
    Error Type:   
    Error Code:   0x0
    Error Text:   Error 0x00000000
    End Test 7-10-2013 10:31:13.795 上午 wdflogotestfaultinjection::LogoTestFaultInjection::ExecuteFaultInjection

    Wednesday, July 10, 2013 7:49 AM