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  • I have a gridview bound to the virtualized File vectors from folders on my drive. If I pass the folder as Pictures or Videos library the thumbnails for the files inside the folder are showing up fine. But if I use a folder other than pictures or videos library (which I have access to using the MRU mechanism), the thumbnails of the files are not showing up in my gridview. here is a sample code of mine..


    Windows.Storage.StorageFolder tokenFolder = await Windows.Storage.AccessCache.StorageApplicationPermissions.MostRecentlyUsedList.GetFolderAsync(mruToken);
                var fileQuery = tokenFolder.CreateFolderQueryWithOptions(queryOptions);
                var fileInformation = new Windows.Storage.BulkAccess.FileInformationFactory(fileQuery, Windows.Storage.FileProperties.ThumbnailMode::PicturesView, 150, Windows.Storage.FileProperties.ThumbnailOptions.ResizeThumbnail);
                Object data = fileInformation.GetVirtualizedFilesVector();
    data is bound to gridview using a collectionviewsource. Any ideas why this is happening? I posted the same question in c++ with no help.
    Monday, August 13, 2012 6:13 AM

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