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  • In the MSDN Library under ODBC Architecture I read about using an "ODBC driver as a middle component".

    Here is a reference to that information:



    In my case I want to create a driver that intercepts and copies ODBC functions being sent between the Driver Manager and another driver. My driver will simply copy (or forward) all requests it receives to the actual driver that communicates with the data source. The only exception is when SQLConnect is called.  When SQLConnect is called I want intercept the request and verify the user has been logged in to our system before forwarding the request on to the actual driver.


    I'm new to Microsoft and would like to know how to approach this task. Any sugestions?


    A few of specific questions:

    • where can I find information on how to create my own driver?
    • What libraries do I need to use to create the driver?
    • Would it be fair to say this is a relatively straight forward task because in most cases my driver will simply forward the request on to an existing driver?


    Is there a simpler way to accomplish my goal?




    Wednesday, December 19, 2007 2:28 PM

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    I'm interested in accomplishing this same goal, only I want to regex.replace certain incoming commands for the sake of legacy compatibility.


    Matt, did you ever figure any of this out?  I'm interested in hearing what you learned.





    Friday, October 10, 2008 12:01 AM