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  • If I have a Phone Table that looks like this:

    pk ClientID




    I most likely will have blank fields in my table, so I create a table like this:

           PK ClientID



    So the next question becomes how do I get .Net with its Datasets and Databinders to write One record to the DB if I enter only the cell number, 2 records if I enter the cell and the home number and three records if I enter the cell, Home, and Work numbers?

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  • Hello,

    The approach I would take looks like this.

    If I wanted one contact and get their phone numbers where 2 in the WHERE would be a parameter to a command object.

    SELECT C.ContactIdentifier,
           PT.PhoneTypeIdenitfier AS PhoneTypeIdentifier1,
    FROM Contact AS C
         INNER JOIN ContactContactDevices AS CCD ON C.ContactIdentifier = CCD.ContactIdentifier
         INNER JOIN PhoneType AS PT ON CCD.PhoneTypeIdenitfier = PT.PhoneTypeIdenitfier
    WHERE C.ContactIdentifier = 2;

    We can add a new phone number, edit one of the phone numbers, remove or mark it as in active since the keys allow this.

    You might have a list of contacts in a listbox, select one then get details with a SELECT such as above. Again, having the keys we can do whatever is needed.

    Doing this with whatever container e.g. DataSet for this specific task may be overkill. I would use a DataTable or a list meaning create a class which represents the data returned from the SELECT statement.

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    NuGet BaseConnectionLibrary for database connections.

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