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  • Hey all, I'm still a sucker for hand drawn mockups and paper prototyping things, like a lot of people I'm sure. There's just something more tangible about it, and sometimes it can be even faster than building mockups in Photoshop on screen.

    When I was in the early stages of looking for Windows 8 UX design resources, I was sure that at some point, I stumbled upon a download that was a printable sheet with a Windows 8 tablet screen on it, specifically for people who wanted to make UI mockups the old fashioned way.

    Well, now it's time to make those mockups, and I can't find it anymore! :P Typical me.

    I was wondering if anyone else knows where this file exists. I've been jumping all over from ubelly.com to msdn to the Windows 8 dev centre and IE 10 stuff. I can't imagine it's strayed far... :/

    Kraig Walker

    Tuesday, October 2, 2012 8:28 PM


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