Installed Windows 8 Dev Preview on a separate internal HDD via Windows 7 and now I cant boot my original windows 7 and Windows 8 installed as windows 7 (beta)???? RRS feed

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  • OK, I wanted to install Windows 8 64bit on a separate HDD and what I did was I extracted the iso to my D: drive and then I restarted my computer but no installation process appeared on the boot screen and it just booted to my original windows 7. So I started the installation via Windows 7. The First weird thing was when I clicked on Setup, the first screen said "Windows 7 ... Install" and when i clicked "install", in the license agreement, there it said Windows 8. So after I finish the installation process. It restarts and boots Windows 8 (or i suppose). Well when got logged in. It looked exactly like windows 7, and just to make things worst, when I clicked on "Computer>Properties" it says "Windows 7 Ultimate"???? So maybe I thought It just needs to update but when I tried to connect to the internet, (wired) it tells me that its disable and I need drivers. So im just stuck in a Windows 7 beta with no internet. Now for the worst part. When I tried to boot my original Windows 7, it loads up recovery mode every time. Ive tried System Repair, System Recovery, and pretty much all the options, but every time I restart, it just boots back up in recovery mode. The only reason why im on the internet now is that I had another OS installed before hand.

    Can anyone help???

    Wednesday, February 1, 2012 6:40 AM


  • So, BrightLite is feeling like a dim bulb, eh? I know the feeling :(

    Can't help you with your current problem, but I can offer some tips
    for the next time you try.

    But for now quickly grab a Linux Live distro and set your computer's
    BIOS to boot from CD/DVD.  I like Slax with Krusader.


    Click 'Add to Build' on Version 1.90.0 then click the Swiss Army Knife
    and then download the .iso and burn it to CD.

    Boot into Linux and use Krusader or any file manager to copy all of your
    personal data from windows 7 to a  8GB thumb-drive or 6,000 floppies.

    Then re-install Windows 7 from the DVD you bought from the Microsoft Store.

    Ok the easy part is done!


    Now for installing your Windows Developer Preview...ON YOUR SEPARATE HARD DRIVE

    Step One: Open your DVD drive and insert the DVD that contains the WDP .iso

    Step Two: Shut down and power off your computer.

    Step Three: Remove the side panel from your computer.

    Step Four: Remove the power cable from the HDD that contains Windows 7

    Step Five: Power up and boot from the WDP bootable installation DVD.

    Step Six: Choose  Custom [Advanced]

    Step Seven: Choose a partition [or click Drive Options [Advanced]

    If your HDD is not empty or if you wish to delete and then re-create partitions,
    do so at this time. I would suggest a minimum partition of 30GB

    Step Eight: Click "Next" and then wait wait wait ...yawn  wait wait wait....

    Step Nine: Enjoy Windows Developer Preview

    As you can see, there is no possibility of you mucking up your Windows 7 installation doing it this way!

    Fool proof "Dual Boot" :)

    Want Win7???....plug in that HDD
    Want Win8???....plug in that HDD

    The key is to only have one HDD powered at a time.
    I'm sure there are easier ways, but probably none quite as fool-proof.

    Have Fun

    Wednesday, February 1, 2012 8:01 AM