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  • Hello to everybody,
    I've commissioned a new web application for financial market, my CEO Asked me to study wich architecture fits bests our needs and one of his must is the use of a building block application just to have a design pattern and not to develop the classical asp.net solution.

    I started looking for patterns and faced MVP /MVC Pattern. Mine application should run on mobile and on web browser (desktop) so as far as I've understood it would be better to use an MVP pattern...

    I've found on codeplex the WSCF for building client, started playing with it while studying possible architecture... and I discovered (I should have been aware by the name "Client") that it's only the "top" of the iceberg... I also need to use the WSSF for creating webservice and accessing to the core/data.

    Being sincere I prefer a classical approach with level splitted in WebSite/Dll for core/data access.. but since I've to face this "must" which is the best approach I need to use?  I need to display financial data taken from the DB and showing them on web page/mobile. We're still considering to use silverlight or third part Web-UI, an Approach as WSCF will work with them?

    I'm also afraid of the manteinance of those two project, since Microsoft is pushing so far MVC will the MVP pattern will be abbandoned/not supported?

    Does exist any commercial MVP pattern? I've seen MVC# but seems to be older then WSCF.

    Can someone tell me more, uncover my worries?
    Thanks in advance

    Friday, June 5, 2009 2:19 PM

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  • Greetings,

    I would suggest you to do Proof Concept of the technologies and software architectures that you have mentioned in your query. Make a feasibility study of the various patters such as MVP or MVC  and see the application perform in the real secanrio .

    Then you can surely come to decision and see the problems that might occur in real time development.

    It will help you a lot. It is time taking process , It will sure help you out. Believe me friend.

    Give more importance to proof of concept if you are to implement any new thing new any technology. One simple Suggestion.

    Hope this helps.

    Take Care

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