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  • I have an active "Hotmail.com" account; I also had an active "outlook.com' beta'" account, but I have not been able to sign into my "outlook 'beta'" account for a considerable period of time. I do not know which one of you dubs screwed it up, and I do not care which one of you dubs screwed it up; but, what I do know is this, I expect that this problem is going to get fixed by you people, at No Charge to Me, since I was not the one that caused this problem to begin with; just fix it; because all this problem has demonstrated to me is that this is exactly what happens when a company moves blindly straight ahead while wearing horse blinders that do not allow the 'geniuses' to see anything outside of their myoptic line of sight.  The question has been put to me, by you people, whether I have a security code; and in all honesty, if I did, I do not remember whatever it might have been.  Why, you people might ask?  It is because, unlike most of you 'geniuses', I have a traumatic brain injury, that prevents me from remembering this minutia crap from four or five years ago; so, since you 'geniuses' have the technological capability to look-up my identification information, and the technological capability to fix this problem that YOU PEOPLE CAUSED, just fix your screw-up; so that I can get back to using my e-mail accounts, specifically, my "outlook.com" e-mail account, without anymore sign-in problems.  While I continue to make use of all of my other e-mail accounts; without having you dubs trying to pick my pockets to pay for your screw-up.
    Thursday, April 10, 2014 2:38 AM


  • Hi Meyesobriquet,

    I'm sorry you're having trouble with your email accounts. Please try the Outlook.com forum here instead because this forum is about general software architecture questions. So, it's unlikely that there are people in this forum who can help you with your specific problem. Also, all Hotmail accounts are now Outlook.com accounts.

    Thanks, hope you get your problem fixed.

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    Thursday, April 10, 2014 6:30 PM