How to get the out parameter value in Data Access Block(DAAB) 2006 RRS feed

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    The following code works well

    Database DB = DatabaseFactory.CreateDatabase();
    DbCommand dbCmd = DB.GetStoredProcCommand("up_XXX");
    DB.AddInParameter(dbCmd, "TITLE", DbType.String, "DDDD");
    DB.AddOutParameter(dbCmd, "TotalCount", DbType.Int32, 20);

    int TotalCount = (int)DB.GetParameterValue(dbCmd, "TotalCount");


    But i want to use DB.ExecuteReader(dbCmd),not ExecuteNonQuery;
    and it does't work,i can not get any return vlaue

    int TotalCount = (int)DB.GetParameterValue(dbCmd, "TotalCount");

    how to do?



    Thursday, July 13, 2006 2:23 AM

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