MAPIExceptionBadCharWidth, cached mode, and "FORCE_SUBMIT" RRS feed

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  • We are building some C++ code that sends an email via MAPI (the example we used was the MFCMapi code).

    Three short parts to this post.

    1) When the email is sent with the Outlook 2007 profile set in non-cached mode, the email sends immediately but is kicked back from Exchange with the following error appended to the email:
    "MapiExceptionBadCharWidth:0.32174:A4000000, 4.27054:03010480"

    This specific error message is from Exchange 2010, but Exchange 2007 threw a nearly identical error.

    2) When we send in cached mode, the email will not send at all unless Outlook is running - but the messages do get sent successfully. IE, no badcharwidth exception is returned. Is this intended behavior for cached mode to be contained solely inside Outlook?

    3) IMessage::SubmitMesage is being used, and I see there is a "FORCE_SUBMIT" flag but it's "not currently in use." Is there another way to tell the message to send immediately besides using this inactive flag?
    Monday, December 7, 2009 3:56 PM