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    D—Ï ƒ                    @ @ € Œ Œ Ž                €     K  P€    €     S G0ƒ€    €     š 0€      OEMFONTS     FONTRES 100,96,96 : Terminal      ƒ  k  (c) Copyright Bitstream Inc. 1984. All rights reserved.        ` `         ÿ  0  þÿ     b       Terminal   k  (c) Copyright Bitstream Inc. 1984. All rights reserved.        ` `         ÿ  0  þÿ     b      r    r ‚ ’ ¢ ² Â Ò â ò   " 2 B R b r ‚ ’ ¢ ² Â Ò â ò   " 2 B R b r ‚ ’ ¢ ² Â Ò â ò   " 2 B R b r ‚ ’ ¢ ² Â Ò â ò   " 2 B R b r ‚ ’ ¢ ² Â Ò â ò 	 	 "	 2	 B	 R	 b	 r	 ‚	 ’	 ¢	 ²	 Â	 Ò	 â	 ò	 
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    TRUSTED Installer.

    SECURE Boot.

    Windows SERVICES.

    Background INTELLIGENT Transfer. (Touche.)

    The RECOVERY Environment. (my favourite, where "Windows cannot repair this system." Windows will try, for 3 hours, to restore when I can load from scratch in 6 minutes. Then again, the RE isn't trying to install anything from a .wim or .iso but probably a remote driver it wants, and gets angry with me for not knowing - didn't know I needed one. We could go around in circles for ever playing the Blame Game. But that's not true. Cause Windows refuses to budge, until I deliver the driver, that it knows it needs, but doesn't want to tell me the name of. It'll probably get pissy then, and just try to return ACLs to their remote owners, or reinstall a random [I have hundreds] RAID driver which storks brought to my Basic Disks and Simple Volumes, to make things more...dynamic. Sharing is syncing. We are the world. Kumbaya.)

    HUMAN Interface Device Access. (Maybe.)

    Internet Connection SHARING. (help yourself.)

    IP HELPER. (lol didn't realise IP4 needed any. thanks but no thx? just j/k. about the question mark, I understand the meaning of indefinite spawn)

    Microsoft iSCSI INITIATOR Service. (no service to receive, receiving is free. Courtesy of INTEL, who do love a good remote boot. INTEL are cool though. They give me the tools to get into firmware flashing games. Flash flash. They win. Built into my enumerated hardware / software / virtual / psuedo / why does anyone still have networking hardware? Seems a compelling question to me...but it's better to initiate than receive, when the whole world is remote booting except for you)

    Net.Tcp Port SHARING Service. (when you've used 65,000 and think "god but I need more!")

    Network Access PROTECTION Agent. (hah. I get locked out of my own home for the good of those who have made themselves at home)

    PLUG and Play. (I don't plug. But man does ISATAP never want to play, just...hack BIOS'es and firmware and take 100% control, of everything. not fun.)

    Portable Device ENUMERATOR (hmm. how pleasant. one can't be too careful, with so much 'malware'(R) about, not to enumerate any loose Portable - things - than owners probably believe are flash drives. I imagine they are, until you want to eject them and need to wait for - atime syncing (lol - this is what they're saying. atimes. for hours after you stop using your flash drive but your flash drive is having too good a time, Porting about)

    Problem Reports and SOLUTIONS Control (Solutions. "Help Microsoft - create - them!" God damn geniuses. I'm a peon before brilliance of this ilk.)

    PROTECTED Storage. (preventing access by unauthorised users, like you)

    QUALITY Windows Audio Video Experience. (when the streaming stops, maybe I'll have time to watch a Mythical TV show, in my eHome.)

    Remote Desktop SERVICES. "to prevent remote use, clear the checkbox." (crazy idea, but flipped around that could be "to allow remote use, turn this disabled service on, and tick the checkbox". you know, 100% reversed from default.)

    REMOTE Registry. (for when you're unable to get to your consoles around the globe, awkward owners and what have you.)

    SECONDARY Logon. (lol - NETlogon would be Thirdly? Oh, screw it. I have a Remote Registry, logons? ...lol. It's a pity I'm always at the console, would be nice to share in the fun.)

    SECURE Socket TUNNELING Protocol. (without which, I understand I cannot access remote servers. you know, if NetBios wasn't still going strong 3 decades? and counting. Then there's there iSCSI, PXE, FCoE, and my mind is blank, with dozens of others forgotten. My point being, hurrah for remote booting.)

    TCP/IP NetBIOS HELPER. (cause, DoS needs help.)

    Windows DEFENDER.

    Windows FIREWALL. (sending RSVPs to the globe, come visit!)

    Windows MANAGEMENT Instrumentation. (cause OEMs love to care, indefinitely)

    Windows TIME. (Not quite Swiss, but then these 'Updates' had nothing to do with Time. Or Windows.)

    In before some monkey suggests Linux. I bought the best Linux distribution already. Talking with Apple about why a new Macbook Air lasts < 1 day, when fortified. I'll pass on the 15 filesystems no one questions the need for. Or the need to mount them read-only when they didn't need to be mounted in the first place, or existent. Will hate to miss out on the "lots of goodies for Sys Admins ;) ;P" - that's really professional, Canonical.

    Windows is the best. But I think it's all the same kernel? shh.

    Monday, October 24, 2011 6:34 PM

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  • "Changing thread type to a discussion"

    Thanks Steven, sorry about that. I got a bit carried away with Orwellian exhuberance.

    Without much hope that I could have any, the truth is I'm too confused / retarded to be able to have a clue about anything. I'm gonna throw up some pics, cause when I Google I just spin around in circles and then I'm reinstalling for the 600th time, in 2011.

    That X: drive of mine is awfully persistent as well. Can't delete it as it's write protected. Isn't attached to a volume on my hard disk, says >bootsect /nt60 ALL /force /mbr - so I assumed it was the floppy's / RAM, but when I deactivated them, the X-drive rolls on, persistent with a core group of suspect files which "are in use" for no earthly reason, and the ones that aren't are simply Access Denied.

    Didn't touch anything. Maybe the remote link was lost?

    Oh. I have so many pics, spent ages resizing and....max 2/post. Just gonna throw them up, apologies..

    Monday, October 24, 2011 10:25 PM
  • I've Googled all these obv. These are brand new INTEL custom-built systems crashing, every few hours. Can't recover, it's a reinstall every time. 'clean'. lol yeah.

    It's critical. So we have a lead.

    Monday, October 24, 2011 10:30 PM
  • When I remember I have DCOM (I try to forget this, as I turn it and MSDTC off, remove the networking protocols, can't deactivate the Windows "service" obviously, but it just rolls on regardless of anything)...death seems awfully close. Call.Me.Crazy. seriously, that would be >> x

    Monday, October 24, 2011 10:33 PM
  • Didn't google those ones. Just too scared, quite frankly. Bit redundant as well, I think they tell me what they want me to know, clearly.

    Then I remember I have .NET and that Aaron Stubner's tool are the Final Solution for rogue .NET code. And I laugh, cause it confuses .NET coders, that anyone would want to uninstall their frameworks. Imagine redownloading them! Acht. The pain of minutes! Imagine dying? The Service, of preventing victims from doing exactly what .NET doesn't want.

    Monday, October 24, 2011 10:38 PM
  • Kaspersky recovery CDs, which say BIOS Virus, BIOS corruption, when booting. Seems complex, I asked for clarification, but they want to see screenshots of their own warnings. I sent them the dmesg / syslog files which are kind of straight-forward. They want screenshots. I understood.

    This, I don't understand. Microsoft using utf8, Debian using...Chinese? I've read so much about this, and all I can make out is that all these smart people know better than to ask questions. i.e. that no one knows anything. But they know non-workarounds. I can't workaround. I can't work. Something is up with this charset business but I'm a moron so that's as far as I got.

    I have Live Chat from INTEL saying this isn't possible. Which was surprising, cause even I can download the IIT, and modify my BIOS. What I cannot do, is - touch - it with INTEL's firmware flashing, jumper pins, nothing. Hundreds, thousands of times. The IIT has modified the BIOS that refuses to be - touched. Let alone, reset or reconfigured. INTEL say this is not possible. I understand.

    Monday, October 24, 2011 10:46 PM
  • INTEL don't know. Brand new system, brand new components, all INTEL, in factory packaging. CMOS checksum errors, INTEL suggest "clearing the log files". I couldn't make this up.

    I mean it's not complex. So, INTEL are flashing my BIOS with corrupt images, and suggesting I try what I've tried (their rather excellent instructions, which unfortunately don't work) again. No further instructions. Yay. Where do I noose myself.

    Monday, October 24, 2011 10:51 PM
  • This is probably an easy one, actually - these $Extend and other NTFS filesystem files, they only show intermittently in BIOS or DOS, never in Windows. Is my NTFS System Boot partition supposed to be Extended? This is where I think the remote volumes are, which divert Windows around - I think.

    Oh, and they're UEFI. Or EFI, sorry. Both, actually. But not exclusive to both, but using EFI partitioning and UEFI boot, I will get bootmanaged, remotely.

    I like the sound of Secure Firmware booting. Are INTEL going to change anything about it first? Cause I might as well bounce off a kid's kernel in Latvia than boot Win8 with UEFI, as it stands.

    Never had a non-corrupted DISKPART, I mean, never used the utility until the utility and Microsoft MSDN pages were no longer syncing. I have volumes that refuse to be unmounted or deleted or scrubbed, everything is automounted, SAN is for ? nothing, clean all, cleans nothing (or someone should have a word with Seagate File Recovery, cause they'd be slanderous installing NTFS and Fat16 volumes onto zero-filled former Windows disks), clearly it's not functional. The only problem is I then have to use Linux distributions to clean my 20 flash drives / week. 20 new ones. I gotta start buying packs of 100's. They get corrupted, if you can believe this - believe it - I think...before they're unwrapped. Or Sandisk corrupted an internet cafe with my mind. Cause I've seen one clean network in 10 months and thousands of computers, and a brand new Sandisk flash drive force installed .NET framework, force rebooted the machine, reloaded and offered me Google and eBay to download (couldn't make this up), and that was it.

    Oh, in 20 min the machine was BSODing. In 40 min, 4 had crashed. I gotta go pay for that, maybe. fml

    Monday, October 24, 2011 11:06 PM
  • Friends who don't yet know they've been reclassified have joked about my 'fighting' forces more powerful than states. Is that what people do? That's kinda funny. I wonder how they make out. I don't fight - ambitiously, or at all. I am ambitious, about using Internet one day. But when I do think, I hope. And I hope this is some maniacal dastardly plot led by Debian. I have very little, next to nothing to go on. But Linux distributions (possible exception for SUSE/Novell, discovered today fml) sure lie a lot, almost a 100% Lie > Truth ratio, for 9 months now. This is my WindowsDeveloper flash drive. It was new obviously. Obv I'm using a Linux distribution to clean it when Windows said it was corrupted cause Windows cannot format my corrupted Portable USBs, but it hadn't ever touched a Linux system* - and it had 50-100 of these CROOT hidden partitions, which look awfully suspiciously sized. Same size as the corrupted Mac recovery / boot core system image. Same size as my Windows X drive, I think.

    *of course, my bootloaders are dubious, so there might be kernels stacked upon kernels. I understand Linux wouldn't dream of uninstalling. Or even dismounting, a filesystem, cleanly. Their idea of clean shutdowns are readonly remounting. Shucks. What could ever go wrong with readonly filesystems mounted on root, unable to be - unmounted? My 2011.

    What could go wrong.

    Monday, October 24, 2011 11:23 PM
  • Showed to INTEL. Nothing wrong, they said. I'm unconvinced. Cause that's a grub BSOD, 100% so far typing impsprobe. INTEL i7 processor. INTEL says no problem/s there.

    Diplomatically, not insanely, I somehow set INTEL up by 'asking' what I already knew, about IIT. Almost died, when they said "not possible." Well, I'm crazy then, or worth celebrating. But back to productivity, these flashed up. And my monitors, are hilariously sick. Anyone know anything about Video BIOS corrupted memory? Google is...too reliant on humans. Lots of human opinions, in the SERPs.

    Monday, October 24, 2011 11:30 PM
  • Nothing to see here? Hmm....there's Normal, and then Abnormal / Advanced.

    Thought I got the break of my life. Ran out into the city to Google it. It's rare. And remote. So standard. Went to INTEL thrilled. They said, "turn off network booting." Over and over they said that. They weren't remotely interested in evidence. I offended the guy with my begging. Didn't want to know about it. Just told me to turn PXE off 100 times.

    Monday, October 24, 2011 11:35 PM
  • HP equipment is all over this. I really must stop buying HP, if I'm going to avoid being horrified at them being so helpful, about my unique requirements. I let the Pavilions go, they were new but no one needs that kind of terror. I have only myself to blame for these thoughtless flash drives.

    No other flash drives, do this. All corrupted, but only HPs are linked to IBA GE Slots.

    I'm not suggesting anything. Just, I own hundreds of flash drives. And four HP products. They are, very susceptible, to horrifying me - the products of Hewlett-Packard. I got mixed up with them when I got mixed up by this: http://www.hp.com/hpinfo/globalcitizenship/take_action/report_ethics_concerns.html

    I'm really the most moronic person I know.

    Monday, October 24, 2011 11:42 PM
  • INTEL told me, when I requested instructions for resetting / flashing INTEL firmware with INTEL's software, that if I had problems with 3rd-party software corrupting their hardware, I would need to ask the software providers, for advice. Hmmm. It would be stupid of me to suggest to INTEL what is what, but it seems there could be thousands, tens of thousands? Even if I found them all, would they all help me? No, there must be a better way, I suggested. Hey! We have hardware! Screw the imagined software. No, INTEL said. So, I've found 4, 5 maybe. Infinity to go.

    Well, maybe Linux have hijacked NTFS. I just try not to think, really. Not sure where they came from but god I hope Protogon is newer Technology. Maybe I will have money still, to see it. We all have our little dreams.

    Monday, October 24, 2011 11:52 PM
  • Yeah you gotta keep your eye on them GParted, USB sticks are flitty like the g/f's I used to have in another life, where I think there were (?) girls. It might have just been a book I read. It's all a blur. 

    A humble USB flash drive, can become four (much more, than a factor of four) arrogant devices, in about as quick as a blink. They become Portable, in anticipation of being mounted. At least, in the four countries where I've taken an interest in their flighty multipath'd attributes and preferences. 4/4.

    Are we talking global corruption, with atimes (chortle). I got banned, from a Linux forum, for ridiculing "writing access times" being accepted as The Answer, asserted by an imbecile (all opinions are valid), or maybe that's me (except mine - banNed). Either way, someone should just tell me to shut it. Cause I did shut it, it being way over my stupid head, for all of 2011. My USB Conspiracy Theory I mean. But here I am. Not being remotely thoughtless. Just desperate / clueless. But I can be a team player, especially when not on a team. yafeelsme?

    Google appears to suggest, perhaps, that it would be...Logical, to assume that the world is being hijacked, by atimes which detain flash devices for hours after they didn't have any data transferred. (Cause users 'wishes' are high on their priority lists.). Atimes? (snicker).  A USB Conspiracy. I'm stupid enough to be the first to notice, 10 months after I thought better of noticing it. Mum's the word, in the sane galleries, but then Windows Developer probably works beautifully for you. Bastards. I hope you choke on productivity. And get heart attacks and RSI and stuff. Hah.

    Is it too wistful to hope I'm not even linked to this? God, could I be that lucky? Bad news for the world, but they won't care. They're too careless, to have a care. They make an increasingly poignant point. Or they would, if they cared to.

    Not that they'd dream of it. If they did.

    Thanks for enjoying my amazing. That's like 10% of a couple days worth of pics. Always new unexplained stuff, all year. It's really quite terrifying when I put it that way...

    Well, shucks.

    Tuesday, October 25, 2011 12:15 AM
  • Gosh I really liked my conclusion there, but it sucks that I am a moron cause I forgot how I've come full circle. A year. Almost 6 figures. More horror than is worth thinking about. 9 months ago I narrowed it down to my (Microsoft-pressed) Windows installation discs. Oh the experts had their fun. Laughed me right into concerned. Never got another theory out of them.

    No I mean, I NEVER got - a single - answer. From anyone. Google, but then we are back at Square 1.

    Remote CD-ROM makes all kinds of sense. Every single internal and external CD drive I have generates endless "The CD-ROM has a bad block" messages. They all do. It's a delightful coincidence. Google full of humans. Can't remember where that furious searching ended up. But we struggle onwards, with new CD read/write drives, and their instant bad blocks.

    If USBs didn't frighten me so...

    There are Removable devices but they make USBs seem rigid and Puritan. I can install from Virtual mounts. I mean, have I exhausted my options. I'm unwilling to go "remote" on myself. It would be too cutely ironic if, like my Registry keys which ignore my Builtin Administrator's instructions, the same Builtin Administrator gets taken seriously when I patch my registry to recognise him as a Remote Administrator. Not Builtin. The enemy. Then my registry plays along. Up to a point or I wouldn't have one, would I?

    Oh I think I do? Then if I'm told I don't, I could think that, too. I'm wishy-washy, a bit flighty myself really.

    I verified that I could access the install media which was operational. I was not surprised. I take umbrage with the suggestion, I could be expect anything but the expected. I hope, and stuff. But I expect, what I see every day. Seems delusional, otherwise? I might try it. It's all that remains. 

    Tuesday, October 25, 2011 4:00 AM