IE10 Javascript Issues


  • System - Dell XPS Laptop, OS - Win 7 Ultimate, Browser - IE10.0.9200

    I have recently discovered that I cannot view some features of ANY web site with Javascript using IE10.  I have tried many combinations looking up the issue on Bing and Google with no results.  An example of such an issue is the following:

    Web site:

    1. Select EasyMenu
    2. On the EasyMenu page, try to select Appearance under examples and any of the examples on that page.
    3. For me this fails and if I try Sitemap, and then select an example, none of the examples show up.

    On my system, I cannot even select Appearance, on my wife's system (Inspiron Laptop, Win 7, IE10), it works with no problem.

    I have no problem viewing this site with its examples in Firefox.

    I have tried many options in IE10 to try to fix this and have had no luck.  Ideas?

    If this is not the proper forum, can anyone direct me to the correct one?  Thanks.

    Friday, July 05, 2013 1:51 AM