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  • Something has corrupted my IDE for Arduino programming.

    I have been using (a paid-up version of) Visual Studio Community 2015 with the Visual Micro add-in, but at the moment it is giving me bizarre results.  Obviously, something is fried.  I would like to do a repair but I don't want that to involve ANOTHER full download of the application.  I have a limited monthly data download allowance from my ISP and downloading VS blows a huge hole in it - and that's if it does the job cleanly on the first attempt.  If the download fails and restarts three quarters of the way through I can be desperately short of IT connection until the end of the month.

    How do I do a repair without a full download?  Failing that, how do I download and ISO or MSI or something which gives me the product once and for all so I don't have to download it again?  Can I get it on disc?

    It's a good unit, and I link using it, but I cannot download it any old time.

    Wednesday, March 15, 2017 1:50 AM

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  • Hi vagulus,

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    Please have a look at the following ways:

    You could go to Control Panel—Programs and Features, right-click the VS community 2015 and change-repair.

    If the version of your visual studio is visual studio community 2015(without update), you could go to here to download the ISO file of it on another computer and then copy it to your pc, then run it to repair visual studio(which still need network connection).

    In official site, there is no iso file of visual studio community 2015 with update 3, but you could create an offline installation of visual studio community 2015 and visual studio 2015 update 3 on another computer and then copy them to your computer, after this, reinstall visual studio 2015 from offline folder(when you install vs from offline folder, you don’t need network connection). Please refer to here:

    The web installer of visual studio community, you could download from here:

    The web installer of visual studio 2015 update 3, you could download from here:

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    Thursday, March 16, 2017 4:36 AM