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  • The msdn provides details of the X509Certificate2.Verify() method and states that "This method builds a simple chain for the certificate and applies the base policy to that chain."

    I understand that the validation includes

    1. verifying if the chain is trusted.

    2. verifying expiry and validity of the certificates in the chain

    3. verifying revocation of the certificates.

    Are the signatures also validated as a part of this method.

    Is there also a possibility to check if a given certificate x  in the chain is signed by a specific certificate?

    eg: if I have a chain root cert >> intermediate cert >> certificate(x)

    can I check if certificate x is signed by (y) where y is a certificate I will externally provide

    x.IsSignedBy(y) or alternately

    if (y) == intermediate cert.

    Are there built in functions in .Net 4.5 for the same

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