I am trying to execute a simple function with a button click event, but Ive tried many variations and can't make it work. RRS feed

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  • I'm using VS 2010 and SQLServer 2008 R1 to get a result from SQLServer into my ASPX page. The Function is returning a value of 0 which is incorrect, it should be 2. I would appreciate any help you care to provide.  ............Phil Hoop

    The Calling event is this Button Click event:


    Private SubbtnContinueImportInst_Click(sender AsObject, e AsSystem.EventArgs) HandlesbtnContinueImportInst.Click

    DimmiCountDups AsInt32

    iCountDups = CountInstlDups()

    Me.LabelDups.Visible = True

    Me.LabelDups.Text = iCountDups.ToString



    The Function called is:


    PublicFunctionCountInstlDups() AsInt32

    DimDupcount AsInt32

    DimstrImportQuery AsString

    strImportQuery = "Select Count (ImportInstitutionsID) "

    strImportQuery = strImportQuery & "FROM tmpImportInstutions"

    Me.LabelError.Text = "Testing InstDups"& strImportQuery

    DimImportconnstring AsString= ConfigurationManager.ConnectionString.("ApplicationServices").ConnectionString

    UsingImportconn AsNewSqlConnection(Importconnstring)

    DimImportcmd AsNewSqlCommand(strImportQuery, Importconn)



     Dupcount = Convert.ToInt32(Importcmd.ExecuteScalar()) 

    Catchex AsException













    Me.LabelDups.Text = iCountDups.ToString



    Phil Hoop

    Sunday, March 16, 2014 11:01 PM

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  • Hello Phil Hoop,

    I am trying to help you with this issue. I made a demo which is similar with yours, however, it worked fine.

    Does it throw any error message? If not, could you debug this project? If you can, please add a breakpoint, and then press F10 to debug the program step by step to check the value of the variable:


    And please also check the executed TSQL, have a try to run it in database directly and check the result.

    If this does not help you, you can upload your project and table schema to skydrive:


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    Monday, March 17, 2014 4:32 AM