Flush test failed on windows 10 RRS feed

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  • I am currently using whlk ver 1809. I want to test an USB Storage through whlk hence by connecting that USB Storage in windows 10, i have tested. I ran flush test and for flush test as per description it requires web power switch to be configured with snmp supported. I have configured snmp supported web power switch. At the time of starting the test case in configuration there is an field called OID value which it will displays default OID in controller. As per test description we want to change the oid value depends upon manufacture of the switch. But i don't know where and how to find the oid value of an web power switch?

    If i ran with default OID Value the test is got failed with following error " Cause : Task Run task with reboot flag has not rebooted in 5 mins EA will wait for another 55 mins. Cause : The execute task with command line cmd /c Te.exe /enablewttlogging /appendwttlogging storage.test.flushtest.dll /name:storage::FlushFUATest::FlushTest# /p WDKDeviceID=My disk ID DiskDeviceObjectLink=\\. \PhysicalDrive1 /p: IP=Web power switch IP /p: OID=DefaultOID /p: Port=port number of power cable where it was connected in web power switch /p: Community=private rebootstatefile=hlk_reboot_state.xml Failed with Exit Code 259". This is an error message

    In te.wtl file there is an warning and error message, warning - machine no longer needs to reboot, but taef cannot notify wtt service of this change. Error - Test failed after requesting a reboot. TAEF will assume the reboot was not performed and continue executing test immediately.

    I can't able to fix this issue, Please help me to ..
    Friday, December 14, 2018 2:16 AM