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    I've developped a wcf service and using it from javascript but a cannot access properties of sub objects. A can access the createdOn value but not the center or country one Here's bellow some code or tracing information: JS: jQuery.ajax({ type: 'POST', contentType: 'application/json; charset=utf-8', url: '../services/1/integrated/studydataservice.svc/Execute', data: JSON.stringify({ request: WhoAmIRequest }), async: true, success: function (data, textStatus) { var response; response = data.hasOwnProperty("d") ? data.d : data; alert(response.UserInfo.Country.Name); ... C#: [Serializable] [DataContract(Namespace="Solution1.eCrfKernel")] public class SystemUserInfo { [DataMember] public Reference Center { get; set; } [DataMember] public Reference Country { get; set; } [DataMember] public DateTime CreatedOn { get; set; } ... Trace: <root type="object" xmlns=""> <d type="object" __type="WhoAmIResponse:Solution1.eCrfKernel"> <UserInfo type="object" __type="SystemUserInfo:Solution1.eCrfKernel"> <Center type="object" __type="Reference:#Solution1.eCrfKernel"> <a:item xmlns:a="item" item="<Id>k__BackingField" type="number">4</a:item> <a:item xmlns:a="item" item="<Name>k__BackingField" type="string">center 1</a:item> </Center> <Country type="object" __type="Reference:#LambdaPlus.eCrfKernel"> <a:item xmlns:a="item" item="<Id>k__BackingField" type="number">21</a:item> <a:item xmlns:a="item" item="<Name>k__BackingField" type="string">Belgium</a:item> </Country> <CreatedOn type="string">/Date(1353078558897+0100)/</CreatedOn> ..... Any idea why the js code returns undefined when i try to access the name of the country? Thanks Mathieu
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    Please reformat the code snipets for easier reading.


    A can access the createdOn value but not the center or country one

    How do you define the class etc.

    Check the replies in this duplicated thread. 


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