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  • I asked below questions to MS VL agents, but they redirect me to their reseller such as CDW. I am not sure why reseller should answer licensing questions, not them. So I'm trying here. 

    I'm planning to set up two SQL servers and came up with below questions. Since MS licensing changes, I am curious what current licensing terms are at situations. 

    It's ok to give wrong answers, but please give me any comment. I will follow up. 

    1. I have a 24 core physical server and am planning to purchase SQL core license. Since the customer's budge issue, can I purchase 8 cores (4 * 2 core packs) only and install on the new 24 core server? 

    2. If Q1 is yes, what will happen to SQL installation on the server with 8 core product key? Will it not allow to install or create error or just lock down other 16 cores and allow only 8 cores visible to SQL? 

    3. If 8 core license works on 24 core servers with locking down remaining 16 cores, and later I found that the server needs more cores to be unlocked, can I purchase additional 16 cores and add to the existing 16 cores? If this is possible, now I have two SQL server core licenses with two product keys. How do I add the 2nd key to the existing SQL server via SQL management studio? 

    4. I have MS  SQL 8 core licenses on another server. Can I move this core license to new server(24 core)? My planning is to use the same product key on new server, then retire the old one in a month once databases are migrated to new servers. Will it create any technical issues to the two servers? The servers are behind server firewall which disable traffic to public. 

    5. Licensing question with AlwaysOn Availability Group. I am planning to add one more 24 core server to build AlwaysOn Availability Group. In this case, should I purchase another 24 core licenses to cover the 2nd new server? What if I make the AG as Active-Passive? Does it still require to cover the two servers all?

    Thank you in advance. 

    Tuesday, October 15, 2019 2:09 PM


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