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  • Strict typing?

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  • Strict typing?

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  • >>And why can it not be declared as a class variable?

    Because the compiler must be able to determine the type of the var variable and the C# compiler cannot do this for fields of type var.

    A var variable is as strongly typed just as if you would had declared the type yourself explicitly but the compiler determines the type for you.

    Eric Lippert from the  C# compiler team has provided a longer answer here if you are interested:

    Why no var on fields?:

    >>WHat's so bad about using var?

    Nothing really. As mentioned the variable is still strongly typed. You might argue that it gets a bit harder to read the code and for a developer to determine the actual type of a var variable compared to an explicitly typed variable though.

    Hope that helps.

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  • Strict typing?

    Isn't strictly typed? It just safes you from typing it yourself explictly and you can have the correct type be determined automatically.


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