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    I am Glad to hear about this initiative and your article. I guess it would be right to ask you some suggetion regarding a problem I got struck in the proess of developing a TestSuites-Automation-Framework. Automation-Framework is to verify BROWSER conformance to W3C Standards. A set of testcases, are authored upon understanding the STANDARD, and its IMPLEMENTATION. Framework testcases inside an "iFrame" of browser-under-test, and evaluates its result. Such results should be logged onto persistent storage, for which a PHP application is written for appending/creating files and data.

    But, this LOGGING is not possible when I run the testsuite from a mobile-phone that has a browser altering websites to display optimally on phones. In such a case, this LOGGING is not working in expected manner. I am referring to that content-altering-process-on-mobile as a PROXY-MODE.

    I pasted code-snippets for your reference.

    1. All the test-cases that are to be evaluated are specified in an Array named tests. Example,
      var tests = new Array("TestCase001.html", "TestCase002.html","TestCase003.html”, ---so on till--- ,"TestCase00n.html");
    2. Testcases are loaded one after another in an iFrame (1st feature, described in previous mail).
      • As loading a test-caseevery time in the same iFrame did not fire the load event (in proxy-mode); we are removing and re-creating the iFrame every time when it need to load a new test-case. This also ensures that un-necessary garbage is cleared and keeps memory afresh.
        /** Code to remove iframe from DOM and re-create to load next test **/ try { var fRef = document.getElementById(destFrame); document.body.removeChild(fRef); } catch(exception) { console.log("unable to remove child"); } try { var tFrame = document.createElement('iframe'); tFrame.setAttribute("id", destFrame); document.body.appendChild(tFrame); } catch(exception) { console.log("unable to add child"); }
      • Get the reference for next test-case and load it into iFrame.
        document.getElementById(destFrame).setAttribute(“src”, <>);
    3. Once a test-case loads, test-case evaluation logic runs (in iFrame’s context ) and notifies result of that test-case to its parent window (using “” property).
      Now, we cache the result in a Javascript variable (2nd feature) and log the results on to a persistent storage for every ‘N’ number of cases using php (3rd feature, we are referring this as ‘chunk-logging’).
      Javascript AJAX API is used to POST the request to php file.It is observed that logging is not happening when running testsuite in “mobile-browser”.
      var fRef = document.getElementById("firstFrame"); fRef.setAttribute("src",<>+"?fileName=<>&_POST_TEST_RESULTS="+<>);

    Thanks in advance,
    K Chandrasekhar Omkar.

    Tuesday, March 6, 2012 2:16 PM