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  • I have a report project with a number of data visualizations. In the latest update I need to print tick marks and labels on my charts at staggered or otherwise non-uniform intervals. For example, on a chart in which the x-y axis are two dimensions of a physical plane (taken from surveying equipment), the X-axis might have labels in intervals like this which follow an arbitrary scheme based on the source data (e.g. not linear or logarithmic):


    I was able to do so in WPF by extending LinearAxis, but based on everywhere I've looked, Microsoft Reporting controls are not extensible. Furthermore if I output the chart to an image and put the image on the reports, they will look crummy when scaling between monitors and won't rasterize in the PDF output as well as a vector-based graphic.

    Is there any way I'm missing to get the .RDLC Chart control to do this? Or is there another possibility, without investing in a third-party .NET reporting package? I really don't want to introduce any third party reporting designers or controls. 

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    P.S. If someone could tell me how to "verify" my account so that I can post images and links, that would make this easier! :)

    Thursday, December 20, 2012 5:49 PM

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  • Clearly there is no way under the sun to do this, so I ended up with the following approach:

    1. .rdlc designer is used to place all report elements except for charts. Where a chart would be necessary, I put a rectangle to hold the chart's place.
    2. The charts are generated using my WPF chart control that is extensible enough to do what I need which is converted in memory to a vector image
    3. In-memory, ReportViewer exports the report to a PDF
    4. Use iText# to get the coordinates of the rectangles and put vector images in their place
    5. Display the PDF
    Friday, January 4, 2013 4:06 PM