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  • MSDN Translation-Popups cover the text

    Please, please, please ...

    switch off this feature with popup machine translations that always cover what I want to read.

    Can you?

    Or give us a switch.

    I am sorry, but in my Opinion a software developer has to be able to read english. But your invention drives me mad.

    I am always switching back to classic mode but its really getting on my nerves.

    This is not about beautiful webdesign or how the information is organized. Its simply not usable.

    I always have to pay attention, where I click mit with the mouse or better to say: I force myself to avoid clicking into the webpage like "watch out! don't touch it or you cannot read it".

    I love to mark the textpart I am reading with the mouse cursor. its a disaster.

    If you switch off classic mode you will drive me away from your website. I only hope MSDN is still downloadable like it was 10 years ago ...

    Sunday, January 27, 2013 4:08 PM