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  • hello everybody, i'm lookign to get the unsent log queue , i know i can get using the sp_dbmmonitorresults, but i need just the unsent log colum, is there any table i can make a query, so i just get the value that is in this table ?? without having to resort to temp tables ?? 


    thank you in advance 

    Thursday, March 17, 2011 1:37 PM


  • Did you look at msdb.dbo.dbm_monitor_data?

    Check code of sp_dbmmonitorresults in msdb.

     -- Here's what we do 
     -- 1. create a cursor to loop over the rows in the data table 
     -- 2. get one row of data 
     -- 3. while (we should loop is true) 
     -- 4. get the next row of data might break out of the loop here. 
     -- 5. calculate differences between rates 
     -- 6. calculate the difference in "time" between the failover LSN (what the mirror has) and the end of log LSN (the latest value on the principal) 
     -- 7.   insert the data into the table 
     -- 8. copy older values of data into newer values (basically we are doing step 2 here.  or putting step 4's data into the original 
     --   variables since we are done with that information anyway. 
     -- 9. loop to 3. 
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    Thursday, March 17, 2011 3:05 PM