Windows Store problem with install apps with significant package size

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  • Hi,

    I hope my message will be reviewed by Windows 8.1 Store team. The problem that I faced relates to many software vendors that have programs with significant package size that user must download. In my case its slightly over 400MB. If app download was interrupted users receive a message that lacks information and most users believe this is a bug or faulty program.

    My program Live Interior 3D Free has around 30 one star ratings/comments, most of which relates to the same problem, user can not install Live Interior 3D Free. The reason for that is either weak internet connection or other problems (for example not enough HD space to unpack and install) between the user and Microsoft Store, this problem is not caused or due to some fault of Live Interior 3D Free.

    The only message users receives is that the program failed to install and some Error code. I'm sure everyone will agree that for average user this code is useless, because they are either not skilled to research what Error code stands for or they simply don't bother to spend time on researching why this has happened.

    These one star ratings and comments spoil significantly overall program rating and influence software reputation.

    In addition to this problem, I found no way in the store allowing developer or any user to complain about such or any other irrelevant comments. Only complain available relates to spam or offensive content, there is no option to complain about inaccurate review.

    Any suggestions how to avoid this problem are welcome.
    Tuesday, August 5, 2014 3:00 PM