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    We are working on Silverlight application which needs data (metadata) about the class names, property names, property attribute details, method names, method attribute details  in each and every assembly that is referenced in Silverlight project. If we extract this data in to database, the number of rows can be up to 100,000. We are really looking for help on how to supply this data to Silverlight client at the time of initialization.

    Currently we are doing as described below and we have several issues with that.

    1. Extract the metadata in database tables at build time, Use RIA services to get the data from database.  This approach
      1. has as huge performance problems
      2. Rolling back to previous build requires rollback to previous build database as well.
      3. Does not support single dll based deployment at all
    2. We also looked into packing the metadata as binary files (same as windows forms) and downloading them at the time of initialization. In this approach, Silverlight crashes if the size of the dll is more than 10 MB.
    3. Another approach we want to look is “reflection”. Not sure whether this will help or not.

    Any suggestions on this high appreciated




    Monday, February 20, 2012 8:14 PM