The Problem : When create member in MDS ,but createtime is UTC time RRS feed

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        We have a  entity  in MDS .When add a member in entity , actually in MDSDB the data creatime is UTC time , not dbserver Systemtime 。It's Same as   Udpate the member.  
         We know , when  we create entity ,the MDS create table in MDSDB automatically. There are two field in  entity table , have  been  called  "EnterDTM" and  "LastChgDTM" to  record member date createtime and  modify time . The field attribute for default value or Binging  is  getutcdate() function .
        oh, We Believe that we find the problem .And change the  attrbute value to sysdatetime() function.
     After save  table chaneg and  try  to create  member . But questions remain .Nothing worked. "LastChgDTM" value  still UTC time.
     Everybody please help me , how to setting MDS   so that when to  create member  or  modify  member  the "LastChgDTM"field's value is  systemtime?
     Mentioning, the DBServerSystem timearea is  UCT+  08:00  beijin ,chongqing , hongkong  
    Tuesday, June 18, 2013 8:56 AM