Microsoft.Data.Entity.Design.BootstrapPackage.BootstrapPackage package did not load correctly RRS feed

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  • No answers over on VS2010 forums, thought I'd ask here. To try to fix this, I have repaired VS2010 Ulitmate twice (took all day yesterday). Same problem... Reinstalled VS2010 SP1 Same Problem... Reinstalled EF 4.1 Same Problem... SO.... Tried the Import Settings Reset to C# defaults... Same Problem... Reinstalled VS2010 Professional addition Gave new message that not all of SP1 could be installed. But interesting only VS2010 Professional appeared to reinstall the ADO.NET Data Framework Tools? Now am reinstalling VSSP1. At this point I am still guessing and wasting a ton of time (on a missing DLL problem)... MSFT... What's up with this?
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    Wednesday, December 7, 2011 1:47 PM


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