Failover to Mirror is OK, but power off Primary and SQL applications fail RRS feed

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    Any ideas on this? The failover works fine. All databases online on Mirror. Even shutdown SQL Services on Primary and applications dependent on SQL work fine from Mirror.


    If the Primary is on and connected to the network (even without SQL Services running) it's all OK.

    Only when Primary is powered off it all falls in a heap.


    ODBC have Native Client and failovers FQDN defined.

    DNS lookups and services responding OK.


    When Primary was shutdown, the event log on Mirror complained for a few minutes with the following:


    Event 8471:

    An SNI call failed during a Service Broker/Database Mirroring transport operation. SNI error '10065(error not found)'.



    Event 9642:

    An error occurred in a Service Broker/Database Mirroring transport connection endpoint, Error: 8471, State: 2. (Near endpoint role: Initiator, far endpoint address: '192.x.x.x')




    Windows 2003 Standard SP2

    2 * SQL 2005 Standard SP2 build 3175 and SQL Express witness.

    Native Client on web servers version is 2005.90.1399.00. Any know issues with this?

    Latest I've seen is 2005.90.3042.00


    This issue appears unresolved over at this thread:




    Wednesday, August 13, 2008 5:40 AM


  • Resolved. It's was the SQL Native Client Version.


    2005.90.1399.00 is SQL RTM

    2005.90.3042.00 is SQL SP2



    Used 3042

    Tuesday, August 19, 2008 1:31 AM

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