Problems using SQL Server Express database within VC#EE on Vista RRS feed

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  • I've been doing development with SQL Server Express and Visual C# Express Edition for quite some time now without problems.  But now that I've moved onto a Vista machine, I'm struggling with a number of problems that I've never had before.

    The Dataset Designer's just broken now.  Screen redraws take so long that it's impossible to use.  Unfortunately, you have to use it; there's no other good way of configuring strongly-typed DataTables and TableAdapters.  This one's on Microsoft's list of "things we know are broken under Vista," with the helpful annotation "Workaround: None."

    Even more maddening, though, is that the database keeps getting opened exclusively.  If I have an active connection to the database in Database Explorer and try to debug my program, my program crashes because it can't open the database.  If my program's running, I can't examine the database in Database Explorer because my program has the database open.  And god help me if I preview a query in the Dataset Designer:  sometimes the Dataset Designer keeps the database open even after I close the window, which means that I have to exit from Visual Studio entirely before I can open the database again.

    Oh, and Management Studio.  I can connect to the user instance of SQLEXPRESS that VC# is using, and examine and modify the database.  (That's the only way I can get to the database; I can't just attach the mdb file because I can't navigate to the user directory containing it in Management Studio, even if I tell Management Studio to run as administrator, or give the Network Service user rights to the directory containing the mdb file.  That beats the hell out of me.)  But as soon as I do, now it has the database file locked, and I can't look at it in VC# or run my application against it.

    I've searched around and haven't been able to find anyone else complaining about these problems, which makes me wonder if it's just me.  I don't have my project set up to copy the database to the program directory; the database has a permanent home.

    Any suggestions?  Not one of these problems ever occurred when I was working under XP.
    Wednesday, July 18, 2007 11:14 AM