Comodo Code Signing Certificate for Windows 8 Phone and Store apps


  • I obtained a Comodo Code Signing Certificate which works for Desktop apps. The next logical step would be to use the exported file (with extension .p12) in Visual Studio, Package.appxmanifest, Choose certificate. There you can point to the generated temporary certificate(a .PFX file). I've been through  several procedures I found (ranging from  just renaming .p12 to .pfx to running OpenSSL to create a PFX file) but every solution leads to some error.

    I now do understand from postings that:

    1 You don't need such a certificate for W8 (Phone/Store) apps as the developers account certifies you (and the user will not see it anywhere anyhow, unlike in regular Windows installs and .exe inspections)

    2 If you want to apply it for a Windows Phone Business sideloading app, (Still) only a Symantec certificate is accepted.

    My questions are mainly:

    1 Is my observation correct?

    2 Even then, why can't I use my own certificate PFX instead of the generated.

    2a If that is possible - how??

    3 For question 2 above, why is only Symantec accepted?

    Tuesday, October 7, 2014 11:20 AM