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  • good question.

    firstly, the term to use here is perhaps soft real-time as i think '[hard ] real time data from a web server ' is a contradiction in terms due to the fact that there is much uncertainly relating to network latency at any one time.

    YouTube is a great example of soft real-time because although the data being streamed down on a possible busy network is important , the video continues to playback albeit with dropped frames. the video playback succeeds and is still considered soft real time. if the network gets too busy, the video stops and is no longer considered real time due to timing constraints being broken. i don't know what the best way to achieve say soft real-time playback of video from a web server for example, if that's what you are asking.  again, i'm reasonably sure the term hard real-time web video is a contradiction due to network latency and unpredictability .

    so i think we perhaps need to know what sort of data you are after from the web server; how large is the data per time interval; what are the requirements for timing etc.

    let me know

    Micky D
    Saturday, March 13, 2010 9:48 AM
  • I think Micky is right.. You need to tell what sort data you will be pulling.

    But generally this should be your implementation approach...

    1. Implement a service to pull/read data from the server. Insert read items in the mesage queue (Persistable or non-persistable). You need to understand from the data provider how frequently data will be updated.. On criteria you will know whether data is new or old.. etc
    2. Implement a service to process each item from the queue.

    This architecture will allow you to scale each layer separately and also make sure you have capability to process all data..
    Saturday, March 13, 2010 3:33 PM