Problem related to mail server RRS feed

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  • Hi friends

    As iam new to the filed of Networking,as i have only some knowledge related to it,could u plz guide me or try to give the solution for the problem which iam facing...

    I have one internal domain with mail server which is having a Ip configured throught Static nat Translation.

    I to also have External domain registered in some domain registrars(like, which is hosted by domain hosting providers ,and we also have external mail server service which is provided my mail service provider.

    so we have two mail servers,one is external and other one is internal,the internal mail server is having lower priority and external mail server is having higher priority,as these two were configured in external dns server.

    so wat should i do in my internal dns server in  order to access tha mails(sending&Receiving)  through my internal mail server  when it is locally(private) with in the organisation instead of accessing mails through external mail server  ??????????????

    wat should i do in my external dns server in order to access tha mails locally in case when my external mail server is down or crushed,so that at  any time  ,if there is a failure of external mail server ,i need to get access the mails locally with in the organisation ?????????????????

    And let me know whether my internal mail server should point to web ip of my external registered domain or else it should point to ip of external mail server,bcoz as we configured two mx records(internal&external Mail server) for my external dns server ,bcoz when ever in any bad situation,if external mail server is shut down,i need to get acees the mails locally with in the organisation ??????????????

    Monday, August 5, 2013 8:11 AM