Need an example of updating a column value (column type is SQL Server bit) using a ADO.Net DataSet RRS feed

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  • Apologies if this is sitting in some newbie FAQ but...


    I have a table that I'm trying update using a DataSet.  I am doing fine with types like varchar(x).  However, I can't seem to find an example dealing with the SQL bit type.


    I'm expecting to be able to do something like this:



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    foreach (DataRow dr in dsStatus_Table.Tables[0].Rows)


    string simdir = prefix + (string)dr["directory"];

    SqlContext.Pipe.Send("Simulation " + (string)dr["directory"]);

    SqlContext.Pipe.Send(" Type: " + (string)dr["status"]);

    if ((string)dr["status"] == null)


    dr["status"] = get_simtype(simdir); // this change gets happily saved


    if (dr["siminfo_file"] is DBNull)


    dr["siminfo_file"] = false; // this is ignored



    sda.Update(dsStatus_Table, "dbo.mytable");



    but the changes to the siminfo_file column never get written back (the status column change works fine).







    Wednesday, July 30, 2008 11:59 PM

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  • Original problem solved (silly mistake in my update function).  However, I'd still like to see an example that shows best practice for dealing with null values.





    Thursday, July 31, 2008 12:06 AM