UWP XBox Live Sign In on XBox One


  • Using Unity 5 with the XBox Live Plug In.

    UWP app for Creator's Program.

    XBox Live Sign In creates a consent dialog that appears when I start my game on my Local Machine(PC).

    On my Local Machine, the Unity XBox Live Plug In works as intended and I am able to sign in after consenting.

    When I deploy to my XBox One in dev mode, the dialog box appears on screen very briefly with a circular loading symbol.

    My game's main menu then appears and the game continues on without the user being able to interact with the consent dialog.

    SignInStatus = UserInteractionRequired.

    I have attempted to use a variety of co-routines and tasks to prevent my game from continuing on until the consent dialog actually loads and the user is allowed to interact with it.  

    Please help.

    Tuesday, February 6, 2018 6:08 PM

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