deploy for Xbox One S-pc compatibility-Engines for 3D arts


  • Hello to all,

    I am new here and i have experience developing for PS3 but nescience in Xbox one.

    I have just signed to devcenter and i want deploy a game for xbox one.

    I have read that i need to convert the retail xbox one into development mode.

    Now i need to buy the Xbox one, i see exists xbox one S and xbox one X.

    I wonder is a xbox one S is sufficient because it is a low cost.Please advise.

    I aprecciate too much also to know wich software i have to install over the pc.

    At this time i have a pc with windows 10 home edition fall creator update and 4 gb of ram, let me know if necessary one upgrade.

    By xbox live creator program is it possible make a game with unity?unity needed is for free?

    If i want not use unity are there engines to import and manibulate 3D FBX arts?( i used this in the past for making a 3D game over PSP/PS3)

    I appreciate so much if someone answer to all my qustions.

    Kind Regards


    De Astis

    Saturday, January 27, 2018 9:55 AM

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