Web AddIn Disabled on one machine but not another RRS feed

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  • I've run into a curious case that has me stumped:

    - I have sideloaded an Outlook Web Add-in on an Exchange 2016 email account

    - on the machine i have done most of the development on, the WebAddIn appears in the Ribbon and works as expected (in an Outlook client).

    - on a QA's machine, the WebAddIn still appears in the Ribbon, but it is disabled.  Specifically, it shows a grayed out version of the icon and is not actionable.  It is the same Exchange Server email account and the same version of Outlook.

    Based on my research, I have not found the root cause of the problem.

    I've confirmed:

    -it is not a caching issue with the working machine (by removing the cache).

    -it is not a "Disabled Protected Mode" setting (since i have followed the steps here)

    Monday, July 29, 2019 7:29 PM

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  • Almost as soon as I post, we found a workaround:

    We disabled a differentCOM Add-In and then the Web Add-In became enabled. Possibly the COM custom forms are incompatible with Web Add-Ins based on comments from the stackoverflow "questions/46697093/outlook-add-in-command-button-disabled-when-composing".

    However, my dev machine has both enabled without any issues.  Would anyone have a better explanation of this behaviour ?



    Monday, July 29, 2019 8:19 PM