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  • Hey guys,

    I am new to VB and coding in general. My goal is to create a program that will make my daily job easier and save a few hours.
    Currently I am looking at a range of documents and quoting civil jobs.

    Basically I want to create this program to have a GUI interface where I can choose options and also enter in information.

    For example; A job requires 10 meters trenching in grass then 5 meters of micro trenching in concrete.

    The way I quote this is in this format

    JGA-N01x10m - 10M of grass trench
    JGA-N03x5m - 5M of micro trench.

    Currently I have little to zero idea how to make this happen.

    If anyone able to assist me or link me to a few tutorials that may help ?


    Monday, November 5, 2018 5:15 AM

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  • DM,

    How do you do it now? Use a spread sheet?

    You can use a DataGridView control to make a spread sheet like MS Excel in vb.

    You can make a form with various boxes to enter data, buttons to click, options to seclect, and then calculate things in the spread sheet.

    You can save various forms of data in a file you make and save to disc or in a database.

    You should study Visual Basic overall. Learn the available controls. Learn the basic things about programming like logical if, loops, etc. Work examples.

    Search the web for examples. Both vb examples and just examples of construction spread sheets or whatever keywords you have that you can search for. Collect the best web sites you find and start making a list of things you must have, things you would like etc.

    But you do something now by hand or whatever, so duplicate that with vb. Then improve it as you make it and learn things.

    I think the first thing is spend time learning the basics of programming, basics of vb, basics of bidding and estimating (you know this?) and etc. Try to lean one step at a time or you will become overwhelmed and confused and frustrated. Go slow. Don't expect to do it all in a month.


    Monday, November 5, 2018 9:57 AM