Problem in creating AUDIO MFT RRS feed

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    I am creating a Audio MFT whose output data is NULL. I created Audio MFT with PCM data as output(specified MFAudioFormat_PCM as output media subtype ) and passing NULL (0)data through it. The problem I am facing in ProcessOutput method of IMFTransform.

    I am getting data in ProcessOutput but information of that data is missing like what is the CurrentLength and MaxLength of the data. even sampleduration is always coming as 0 inside ProcessOutput. (m_pSample->GetSampleDuration(&hnsDuration) is giving 0 always)

    I specified the parameter inside GetOutputAvailableType function like

    BitsPerSample =16. SamplesPerSec =48000, NumChannels =2 , BlockAlign = NumChannels * BitsPerSample / 8; AvgByteperSec= SamplesPerSec * BlockAlign; (If I dont specify these value ProcessOutput does not get called)

    In GetOutputStreamInfo i have specified the size as

    cbsize = MFGetAttributeUINT32(m_pInputType, MF_MT_AUDIO_BLOCK_ALIGNMENT, 0); which comes around 8192.

    Can Anyone please let me know what I am missing here?

    My Audio input Subtype is MFAudioFormat_WMAudioV9.

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    Wednesday, September 3, 2014 10:35 AM