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    1. I want to develop applications for Windows on ARM. I am expecting a emulator be available similarly for Windows phones. Most windows phones have emulator to test applications for testing so similarly there should not be any problem for the same
    2. Is compilation for WOA is similar like we do for X32 x64. For compiling 32 bit applications we select 32 bit target and compile.  The output or exe is created in respective folder. For 64 bit build, we select 64 target from configuration and compile. We get exe in respective folder. 
    3. I am expecting similarly for WOA. We will select WOA target and compile. Then we get exe in respective folder then we copy to target device and run it. I think similarly is happening for android also. We just make APK from x86 and x64 machines. Then we copy APK to device and install it. 

    In order run actual we need device, this is fine. But to generate exe we need not have actual hardware. = ?

    Please put more light on this procedure. 

    Vijay Yande vijay_yande@hotmail.com

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  • Hi Vijay,

    No ARM emulator is available at this time, but you can develop on your x86 system and it should run essentially the same.

    Re #2 and #3, you can already target ARM in the Visual Studio 11 Beta configuration manager. This works the same as targeting x86 or x64


    Tuesday, March 20, 2012 3:08 PM