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    I'm designing a WF custom designer for a custom activity. Of Corse, there are Required InArguments and Not Required arguments those are represented by Expression texts all.

    Expression designer interface

    Expression text1(For required argument)

    Expression text2(For required argument)

    Expression text3(For optional argument)

    What I aim is to change the visibility of the Expression text3 in the workflow designer based on the value entred in the Expression text2 field at the workflow designer level, in other words if certain values are entred in the Expression text2 then there is no need to enter a value in the Expression text3 and its visiblity should be collapsed automatically. Is that possible

    Another issue,I need to enter the content of the third argument from a file so I followed this method

    First here is the xaml

     <!--File path-->
        <TextBlock Text="Connection string: "/>
            <ColumnDefinition Width="80*"/>
            <ColumnDefinition Width="20*"/>
          <sapv:ExpressionTextBox Grid.Column="0" OwnerActivity="{Binding Path=ModelItem}"
                    HintText="Enter the file path here..."
           Expression="{Binding Path=ModelItem.FilePath,Mode=TwoWay,
          Converter={StaticResource argumentToExpressionConverter},ConverterParameter=In}" 
          <Button Grid.Column="1" Content="..." Click="Button_Click"/>

    Then in the code behind I impelmented the  following event handler

    OpenFileDialog filedialog;
        private void Button_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
          filedialog = new OpenFileDialog();
          if (filedialog.ShowDialog()== DialogResult.OK)
            txtFilePath.Content = filedialog.FileName;

    When I tested my custom activity and hitted the button the open file dialog appears as expected however once I hit OK then the Expression text is not showing the file path as expected so how do I 

    Thank you

    Every one was a beginner once
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