Need help on live H264 video stream from IP camera to MediaElement RRS feed

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  • Good Morning,
    I have an IP camera connected to the server where a Silverlight 4 application is hosted.
    Also the clients of the Silverlight app will be connected to the same local network (192.168.0.nnn).
    The Silverlight 4 app is supposed to view the camera's live video in a page.

    The camera IP is
    The camera can send RTSP video over TCP, HTTP or UDP.
    RTSP port on the camera is 554.

    The camera can produce live video in H264, MPEG4 or MJPEG format.

    From the web server I can ping the camera and access its settings panel with IE.
    The camera is always active.

    I have a simple Silverlight 4 test app, with a page and a MediaElement inside.
    I'm using Visual Studio 2010 to develop and test the Silverlight app directly on the web server.

    1) Can the Silverlight 4 MediaElement view the camera's (H264 or MPEG4) stream without other SW components?
    2) As source for the MediaElement I tried "rtsp://", but I get the following error:
    "4001 AG_E_NETWORK_ERROR", hresult=-2146233088
    I get this error either if the camera is sending the stream over TCP, UDP, or HTTP.
    3) Is the Source "rtsp://" correct?
    4) Are there other parameters to set on the MediaElement?
    5) Are there (on the web, or on MSDN, or books) samples that show how to grab an H264 video from, basically, an IP:port?



    Friday, March 18, 2011 10:10 AM


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