Microsoft Graph - Get MemberOf


  • I'm trying to access the groups a user is a member of using the Microsoft Graph API. I'm facing an issue because I think my permissions are set correctly, however, when I sign into the app, I get the message :

    AADSTS90093: Calling principal cannot consent due to lack of permissions.

    The weird thing is that I'm only asking for this permission scope :

    public static String[] ClientScope = { "User.Read", "User.ReadBasic.All", "Group.Read.All"};

    What makes me confused is that if I sign in the Microsoft Graph explorer and go to , I get the correct results. I got an admin to consent to the permissions I'm asking in the scope of course.

    Has anyone encountered that issue ?

    Any idea how I should correct that ?

    Thursday, April 20, 2017 11:30 AM


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