HealthRecordItemCollection paging - how does it work? RRS feed

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  • Exactly how does HealthRecordItemCollection perform paging?

    e.g. If I execute a query using HealthRecordSearcher with MaxFullItemsReturnedPerRequest set to 50. I'd get 50 full-items the first time I call HealthRecordSearcher.GetMatchingItems() and the remaining items will be returned in an abbreviated form as shown below:

          <thing-id version-stamp="3936fa0a-3eff-4615-827b-3ef1ccc74ba2">ac6ee0f0-4ac7-4f01-ae94-d1dd8e310311</thing-id>
          <type-id name="Procedure">0a5f9a43-dc88-4e9f-890f-1f9159b76e7b</type-id>

    What happens when I access the 51st item, say like this: myCollection[51] ? Does the collection go out to the HealthVault platform and get the next 50 items OR does it only get the 51st item?

    I am trying to evaluate the relevance of using HealthRecordItemCollection for retrieving data from a record that may potentially have large number of HealthRecordItems.

    Thank you.


    Thursday, March 1, 2012 10:02 PM