Dynamically adjust the contents of my app as per the sliding window


  • Hello everyone,

    I have developed an app for windows 8.1 app store. But i am facing a problem with its visual contents. When the app is open on full screen its fine. But when i slide the app to one side of the screen the contents appear to be distorted. In short I am unable to make my app respond to the screen size and orientation. Please help me out. I have used a "blank app" as my projects template. 

    It would be better if i could adjust the width and height of my app in the side pane dynamically, but it will also be fine even if I need to show black borders on the top and bottom of the side window (the same way the default camera app appears when it is slide to the right/left side of the screen)

    Thanks in advanced...

    Friday, August 15, 2014 8:30 PM


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