Accessing WCF hosted in IIS (WAS) with net.tcp binding from a web application RRS feed

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    I need to acces a WCF service hosted in IIS 7.0 using net.tcp binding. the client is an application and my users may not have windows credentials ie they might be accessing the application using Internet. The issue is When i try to access the WCF from the ASP.Net application I am getting Security Exception. IF I give the credentilas (username and password ) while creating the WCF service proxies in the ASP.Net application I can access the service. This requires me to give user name and password for all code behind files where i am creating the wcf proxies . What I want to know is How to configure MY WCF service and ASP.Net by providing an application level credentials , ie Irrespective of the user who is accessing my web application(ASP.Net which is also hosted in IIS 7) I need to provide access to my WCF services ie the ASP.Net application is enabled to use Anonymous users and currently the user account used for it is IUSR so I need to configure my application in such a way that it won't require to provide the credentials for accessing the WCF at each and evry proxy creation . 
    How to do that 
    Wednesday, October 7, 2009 12:48 PM