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  • VSTS 2010 Release:  October 2008 CTP (10.0.11001.1 CP2VPC)

     “The DinnerNow Scenario”

    Walkthrough:  “Designing Your Application at a Logical Level – Application Behavior and Structure”

     (Once again, I deviated from the instructions.)


    I’m wondering if there are plans to support logical data modeling (entity relationship modeling) with the “crow’s feet” (AKA IE, AKA Everest) notation. 


    I found a way, in the CTP, to build a data model.  I can add a C# or VB project and then add a “New Item” of type “Logical Data…” to the C# or VB project.  But I haven’t found a way to get the tool to use the crow’s feet notation to show cardinality.  And I haven’t found a way to show primary and foreign key attributes.


    I’d really like to add a “New Item” of type “Data Model” (or maybe “ER Diagram”) to a “Modeling Project”.  So it would be another diagram, in my modeling project, on par with the Class, Component, Sequence, Activity and Use Case diagrams.


    Then I’d like to see the level of data modeling support that comes with Visio for Architects (Visio for Architects working in co-ordination with Visual Studio). 


    I know it’s not UML but I think it would be a powerful addition to the tool.  The data modeling support in Visio for Architects is extremely useful.  And the Crow’s Feet notation is quite popular.   


    If this type of feedback (outside the bounds of the walk-thru) doesn’t belong here, is there another place for it?  I think the UML support is great and I’d like to see strong data modeling support (like what’s in Visio). I’d like to have my UML object model, and my (non-UML) data model, in one project.







    Saturday, November 22, 2008 11:01 PM


  • Chris,

    This feedback is perfectly fine here, and we appreciate it.

    The capability you are looking for is not planned for the VSTS 2010 product launch, but this is a feature we've heard requested a number of times and agree, much needed!


    Cameron Skinner
    Thursday, December 11, 2008 3:03 PM